Welcome to the LipidomeDB Data Calculation Environment (DCE). LipidomeDB DCE is a tool to process mass spectrometry data acquired after direct infusion of a lipid-containing biological extract containing a cocktail of internal standards into an electrospray source. It is a joint project of the Kansas Lipidomics Research Center and the K-INBRE Bioinformatics Core Facility.

LipidomeDB consists of a web-browser based interface, a relational database as the backend, and scripts to manage the data, backup, and archive files. The web browser-based interface allows end users to perform calculations and access results via the interface. The output of the program is a table of molar amounts of specific lipid target compounds.

The system is password-protected. Please login if you know your ID/password. Click here to send us an email if you want to create an account in the system or if you forgot your ID/password.

A tutorial on the capabilities and use of the system is available here (PDF).

Here are some shortcuts for the sample files: Sample file format for upload, Sample data files for upload, Sample data output

Click here to see the paper on LipidomeDCE.

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